Monthly Membership Info

- $79 Per Month

- $20 One-time start up fee

- Autopay, month starts and ends upon your desired class date. 

- Client has the ability to cancel the membership any time

- Absolutely no refunds once a month has begun

- No membership sharing between family or friends

- Pausing or restarting a membership costs $10

Please reach out through the 'Contact' tab if you have any questions. 

How do I start a monthly membership?

Enrollment is done at the studio upon your chosen class date. Let the staff know you wish to begin. Membership is activated upon full payment. The standard $20 class fee may act as the one-time start up payment. 

How do I sign in to class once my membership is active?

Register a class just like you are purchasing a single class. you will no longer asked for any payment after the staff has activated your membership . 

How do I cancel my membership?

Cancelling is done through your paypal account. Access your monthly billing by logging in and looking for the date you were billed in the 'Summary' tab under 'Activity'. If you click on the bill from 'Physical Spirits Inc' you should see a button to stop automatic payments. There are no cancellation fees.