Weekly Schedule

Please register for class by utilizing our 'Book Class' page. The schedule is generally consistent from week to week. If there are any changes or cancellations, they will be reflected on the 'Book Class' calendar - not here.


8-9am Meditation w/ Mark

9:30-10:45am Led Ashtanga w/ Julia

11-12pm Gentle Flow w/ Julia

6-7pm Yin w/ Tiffany


9:45-10:45am Hatha Flow w/ Deanna

6:30-7:30pm Foundations w/ Mark

7:45-8:45pm Open Flow w/ Mark


9:45-10:45am Hatha Flow w/ Marie

6:30-7:30pm Evening Flow w/ Julia

7:45-8:45pm Yin w/ Julia 


8-9am Hatha Flow w/ Mark

9:45-10:45am Hatha Flow w/ Mark

6:30-7:30pm Yin/Yang w/ Kelly

7:45-8:45pm Open Flow w/ Tara


9:45-10:45am Hatha Flow w/ Elizabeth

6:30-7:30pm Hatha Flow w/ Mark

7:45-8:45pm Yin w/ Mark


9:45-10:45am Hatha Flow w/ Mark

6:30-7:30pm Evening Flow w/ Julia

8-9pm Reiki Circle w/ Julia


8-9am Morning Flow w/ Mark

9:30-10:30 Hatha Yoga-Luminous Yoga w/ Stefanie

11-12pm Foundations w/ Mark

Class Descriptions

Hatha/Evening/Morning Flow- The physical practice of Yoga. 'All levels' traditional blends of breathing, posture and philosophy.


Open Flow- This is an advanced variation of Hatha Flow. Student's are open to work to their own level with opportunities for some more challenging technique and Asana.

Yin- A slower, meditative practice in which one is encouraged to 'let go'. Poses are held for 3-7 minutes each.

Yin/Yang- A blend of Hatha Flow leading into Yin.

Foundations- Lower impact time to develop all the building blocks that make up a great Yoga practice. Dialogue is encouraged.

Ashtanga- The instructor leads a challenging set series of poses that follow a progression through a time tested routine.  

Meditation- An exploration of the mindful side of Yoga primarily through the 8 Limb Path. 

Reiki Circle- A guided healing modality that utilizes a white light for spiritual nourishment.